Tales From A Newbie- Melissa at Mudslinger 4/6/2014



00: Where everyone rolls to the start together: This is nice, wonder if anyone would be up for sticking together the whole time?
Start: Alright, I recognize some of these people from cross. I got this.
:10: Hm, I’m keeping up but I am pretty sure it has been about 50 yards of climbing so far. They seem to be pulling off…
:20 min: Everyone appears to be gone. Would it have been poor form to draft? Could I have done that on a MTN bike? Mental note to look up the rules of MTN bike racing if I get home.
:30 min: Still climbing, I guess. That’s cool, I could climb all day. I feel great, probably should have given more juice at the start…
:40 min: Ok, here we go, downhill. let’s find out why this thing is called the mudslinger. I should have put my seat down a little. Mental note to ask appropriate times to raise and lower a seat in a race situation. First fall. I think I’ll lower it now.
:50 min: Climbing again. I must do hill repeats to train for this shit. As punishment, tomorrow you are doing hill repeats.
:60 min: I have only fallen 4 times. That is not that bad. It is really muddy, they named the race after this mud. I am sure everyone else is falling too.
1:10: But I wonder if everyone is falling this much…Still feeling pretty good. though. Where did everyone go? I could probably go faster if I raised my seat for all this climbing. But how much faster? Wonder if anyone has ever done some sort of equation on that. FOCUS. This is a race, that old guy ahead is not in your category but you need to pass someone…anyone.

1:30: I can’t believe I am on the ground again. I have just slid off my saddle because it was covered in mud from a previous fall. I landed crotch first, after being air born for what felt like a year, on the top tube. This might be bad. No, this is definitely bad.
1:40: Just walk it out a little longer. OK, I didn’t want kids in the first place. I should thank my bicycle for deciding for me that now I will definitely not have them. Perfect, I love easy decision making.
2:00: Worst decision ever made was not turning left back there for the short course. I could be enjoying my post race banana right now.
2:20 Seriously, I have to train for this. This is embarrassing.
2:30: I don’t know where I am, but if I get back there better not be people standing around the finish line “clapping me in.” I would never forgive myself.
2:40: Things I could say happened: flat tire? I got lost? Yeah, maybe I’ll go with that one.
3:00: Ok, so, seriously, I wonder how long everyone else has been back. I wonder if I will ever not have mud on me again?
A short time laterI love you man who just said I have 1 mile left. No really, I love you.

Overall: But seriously, the Mudslinger was awesome, though maybe my brain didn’t relay awesome messages to me during the actual race. The weather was great, nice and warm with just a little mist. It was a perfect first race experience and I learned a ton (especially what I need to work on).

I am really excited to be a part of the the Les Femmes, train for MTN biking, and see what can happen!

Melissa and Katie at Line-up

Melissa and Katie at Line-up


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