CHEAT WITH US- Blind Date #3 10/2/2013

Laurie and Mielle got their moneys worth

Laurie and Mielle got their moneys worth

Are you tired of being married to the same cyclocross races, year after year? Day races not as stimulating as they once were? Well then you should check out the services provided by Mash-ly Madison. Enjoy a Wednesday night rendezvous with like-minded adults at Alpenrose Dairy.  Try our Blind Date experience for 5 weeks and we think you will agree, it’s the most fun you and your bike will have in the dark. Tonights pre-race mixer featured a cozy squeeze under team tents, enjoying natures wonders as riders received an impromptu rain storm midrace. Almost too cozy to shed layers and head to the start line.

Muddy Run-Up

Muddy Run-Up

 By my line-up time, the rain stopped but the course was transformed from tacky to liquid. Smaller group of ‘A’ ladies (11 total) but series leader Megan Ferris/Rapha-River City was there in her leaders jersey, ready to make us wish we had stayed home.

Pre-Rain Side-Hill

Pre-Rain Side-Hill

Off the line we piled into corner one, with me, Amy Rice/Lazy Tarantulas, Megan, and Julie Browning/CyclePath in the front.  Mud from the wheels in front of me pitched the smelly liquid mud-goo in my face so I tried not to think about all of the goose poop I saw on the ground before dark. Megan pulled ahead of everyone on her singlespeed but Amy, Julie and I stayed wheel to wheel in lap one. Our course changed slightly from week 2 but the run-up was unridable for anyone regardless of skill. Approaching the new feature, a steep downslope to a left-hander on the back of the velodrome, each rider made a decision. This was ridable at 6 pm but the rain made this a Hershey chocolate slip-n-slide.  I was like, ‘why is everyone running this’. I rode it behind Amy who opted to run.  Made it down but wiped out HARD at the bottom, giving my neck an unpleasant jolt. OK. That was a dumb move not to be repeated but it didn’t stop people from continuing to try riding down the hill into the bushes, trees and on their faces, much to the delight of the photographer camped out on the sidelines.

Cozy View From My Tent

Cozy View From My Tent

I stayed with Julie and Amy for a couple laps until Kristen Minarik/Bicycle showed up. Kristin has been putting in hard efforts each week and I found that I could not stay on her wheel.  The grind up the hill behind the velodrome  to the barriers started to get sticky and required a lot of humping, more than some of the guys next to me could muster as they tried to pass me and failed.  Guys were falling all over the place.  The infield barriers were surrounded by swamp like mucky ground, leaving me feeling like a  7 year old trying to lift my BMX bike over the barriers.

Seth Patla/Rapha-River City, passes after the slick side-slope on my left and gives me a swat on the backside. A few more guys pass me from the A and singlespeed group, “Hey Mielle, on your left” but it is so muddy I can’t really tell which kit is which, I just get out of the way with a hardy, “TAKE IT, IT’S ALL YOU”. Around the trees, then descending to the bottom of the run –up, my balance is lost while dismounting and I hit the ground awkwardly for the second time tonight.

Alone on the run-up,  a spectator calls to me from the top, “Wow, this just looks brutal”.

Dirty Girls are Waiting for you! Amy Rice & Mielle

Dirty Girls are Waiting for you! Amy Rice & Mielle

  By lap 5 I have no idea if I have any chasers but the cheering at the run-up doesn’t include any lady names so I think I have at least a 30 second gap. Based on who has passed me in the men’s fields, I have only been lapped by the leaders once. Bell for 1 to go rings in the distance. Dismounting for the sloppy downslope, I slipped and landed on my butt, sliding to the bottom with my bike. Hey, it got me where I was going.

One to go and nobody behind me. Attacking out of the corners, pavement to the outfield, I still feel strong, finding faster lines in the field in the last lap.  Coming through the finish for 5th place, I see Amy VanTassel/Athletes Lounge was doing her best to catch me, sitting about 40 seconds back. Teammates Remy and Laurie came in just behind her. 

So if you are looking for a little night time zest, put Blind Date to the test. It will be our little secret. 

Mud Pants!

Mud Bathing!


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