Mary’s First CX Race! 9/22/2013



This from our teammate Mary in her new (temporary) home of Seattle, Wa.

Finally, after healing from two separate injuries, I’m able to race cross.  I completed my first race this morning.  I raced Category 4 (Open 12-70) and placed 4th.  I’m not sure how large the field was, but I believe I saw at least 20 to 25 names on the list.  There was the option to race Masters 35+, but chose to do the open.  There were about 20 or so in the Masters race, too.  For Category 4, there was definitely a much larger field than I thought there would be.

I’m pleased with my result.  I was super excited that there was a BMX track section to the course where I put all that pump track practice into play.  It was the spot that I could pass 3-4 people within seconds… thank you Angie Weston!
Beating the Boys Already

Beating the Boys Already

There was also another spot that took us on forest trails (technically the mtn bike trails)… too hard to pass in the single track trail section, but I was able to gain the speed on them and pass as soon as we hit the open sections.
There were three barriers.  Two of them were close together and on flatter ground.  The third barrier was on an incline.  So, basically, I had to dismount on a hill, jump the barrier and then continue up the hill before I could mount the bike again.
Love the Helmet

Timing Chip Horns

The course was damp.  It definitely rained overnight and it was drizzling and windy during the race, but it wasn’t full cross weather yet.  However, there was definitely a huge puddle I went through and a couple of mud crossing.  Nothing a mtn biker couldn’t breeze by though 😉  It was perfect for a first race just to get my feet wet (literally) and to get a feel to the race scene.
My knees felt awesome throughout the race and no pain even now!
I think I’m hooked girls!!!!  Everyone that told me that I would love it, you were right!  I love it!!!
I’m planning to join you guys for October 6th for the 1st of the Cross Crusades
Missing you guys!
McCollum Park Pump track

McCollum Park Pump track

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