Dirty Dozen-Sellwood Clinic Guides The Littlest Crushers

Our Dirty Dozen

Our Dirty Dozen

While the Sellwood Cyclocross Clinics tend to focus on beginner men and women, we give special attention to our littlest adventurers. Ages 5-11 were entertained and guided by speed racer Sean Babcock and our local godfather of all things single-track, Ron Strausser.
Hey, you missed that barrier!

Hey, you missed that barrier!

Our final clinic in the series brought out 64 folks including 12 little ones, braving the 90 degree temps in the pursuit of bringing home some new skills and having fun. But the popsicles were ONLY for the kids.
Coach Mielle answering questions

 Mielle answering questions

Sean says, everyone gets a popsicle

Sean says, everyone gets a popsicle

Ron, always one for a great quote or comment had this to say about the evening:
At the end of clinic we raised hands to signify 4 tip-overs with accompanied scratches, some blood, some tears and show of toughness.  What I thought was going to be a total meltdown regarding one of the scratches was shown to be wrong after a water – popcicle break.  He was back going harder than ever. 
Ramblin Ron

Ramblin Ron

Maybe best was after the show of hands (4) we were heading back over toward water table and one of our girls came up to me and showed me probably the worst gash under her knee that she did not even acknowledge…………….She asked “Does this count?”.………Yeah of course!  I received a smile and thank you………. so makes that 5.  Of course there were many other tip overs without scratches…………………maybe Gus(Tonkin) a few times!  Gonzo! It was inspiring.”
Jon and Erik teach it old skool

Jon and Erik teach it old skool

The adults had their own fun, getting lots of one on one time with the fabulous coaches including Les Femmes teammate Remy, working on improving her
barrier skills. 
Remy and Mielle

Remy and Mielle

Thanks to all of the newbies for coming out. See you and your little one at the races!
Special Thanks to Rich Rosko for the photos
Dismount Practice

Dismount Practices


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