MUD ANGELS- Les Femmes roll big at MUDSLINGER

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Les Femmes earned a team full of top 5’s at Mudslinger. Outstanding. Big congrats to our Kona pro Alice Pennington who took first place in the EXPERT(PRO) catagory. It was a very cold wet day on the bike but eight of us fought the good fight. 
 Here are some thoughts on the day from the survivors:
Beth F-
I rode almost all the downhill– that was way better than TOE (Test of Endurance) 3 years ago when it felt like I ran the the entire 50 miles! Also, I have never actually been shivering on my bike in a race- what up with the weather- ick!

Beth F is under there somewhere

Beth F is under there somewhere


Laughing my ass off. Seriously, out loud, “This is ridiculous! Oh my God! I feel like I have a gigantic poopy diaper!” All the while thinking the dude behind me was laughing too. Turned for a second to see why he didn’t think I was funny.  What I saw on his face was sheer terror. Guess he didn’t find it all as funny as I did. Me and mud are meant to be.
Dirty Diaper Maguire

Dirty Diaper Maguire

Just like childbirth Lisa

Just like childbirth Lisa

I confirmed, as I suspected this to be the case with a couple of truly horrible road rides I did during that cold snap back in January, that there’s such thing as cold stroke. Like heat stroke, it renders you powerless, nearly incapable of thought and athletic pursuits compromised or ended altogether. Soaked to the bone with both rain and sweat, traversing the exposed clearcut in the wind on the second lap was all it took. No sensation in either hand, no sensation in feet up to my lower legs, shivering and unable to regain any body heat, I helplessly bid second place adieu and shook uncontrollably for nearly half an hour post-finish line.

Like childbirth, I’m sure I’ll forget all about it and line up next April with only a hint of dread and apprehension behind my urge to crush.



Deanna is Poetry in Motion

Deanna is Poetry in Motion

Deanna- A haiku
Muuud everywhere
Up, up, down and all around
Racing glorious
Now for Results:
Singlespeed Lisa – 3rd with a hot time of 2:38! And that was with frozen fingers.
Cat 2 19-34 Deanna 2nd
Cat 2 19-34 Remy  5th
Cat 2 19-34 Beth F 4th
Elite  Beth Ann  4th
Cat 1 Audrey 4th
Cat 1 40+  Jill 4th
Cat 1 40+ Mielle 5th
Photos Credits: Beth Ann, Mielle and special thanks to SHANE YOUNG/OREGON VELO and the  NW EPIC SERIES photographers for the sweet action shots.

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