Something to Prove- Mudslinger 4/7/2013

Mudslinger 2013

Bursting into tears on the verge of hypothermia Sunday, I can understand why my husband would say this to me,”You don’t have to do these wet, cold races just to prove you are a bad ass. People already know you are a bad ass.” I honestly wasn’t looking for someone to punch my BAD ASS card at the door but I guess he has a point.

Why would someone race their bike for 3 hours in the mud and rain when it’s 42 degrees out?  Well the truth is, because it’s a challenge. That’s why. I knew what was waiting for me in the wet forest Sunday. Punishing climbs and super slick, rooty descents. But I did it anyway. I suffered through this race last year yet, there was still something I wanted to over come. Ride the roots better, take the descents faster, something to show that I am improving as a bike handler in the worst possible conditions.

I went into this race trained and well rested. Sadly, the heavy rain was keeping me cold and my expertise on the slick downhills was lacking in, well, expert.  I found the mushy, rain soaked ground quite a few times. Lost time running sections that I couldn’t ride. Thank goodness for moss and soft ferns to land in. Alas, I will have to conquer the Root Down trail another day.



Two gems for the day- getting a “nice job on that stair step” from a dude I dropped on the super steep climb. He had to get off and walk. And, finishing two minutes faster than last year.

So, the work I put in when the weather is bad will pay off for my true loves, Short Track and Cyclocross, right? That is what I keep telling myself. Because right now it feels like I am truly suffering for my art.

Don't let the smile fool ya, crying happened right after this

Don’t let the smile fool ya, crying happened right after this

Special thanks to Shane Young of OREGONVELO.COM for the great race photos and to race promoter Mike Ripley for giving us something worth fighting for !

For an overview of the MUDSLINGER RACE, check out my write up on


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