Big Top Fun in Bend-Halloween Weekend Day 1

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The time has come for all of the creative boys and girls of the peloton to bring their A game back to Bend,OR  for another go around at the Deschutes Brewery grounds. Not just for a weekend of back to back racing, but for the amazing costume contest held in each category on Sunday. Moisture found it’s way to the course this year, prior to our arrival, making the moon dust course less lung burning than last year. Still, the temperature stayed in the mid 50’s, perfect for a late autumn race.

Driving into town on Friday afternoon, I was surprised to see a photo me on the front page of the Bend Bulletin newspaper, dressed in our Femmebots pink nighty costume from last years race. “CROSS CRUSADE RETURNS TO BEND”. The special pull out section inside has a larger photo of me and my “race face” riding in front of a tiger and a ballerina and the list of events and riders to watch for the weekend. Great press for the team!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Be afraid, be very afraid!

The theme for the weekend was Cirque de Cycling and they pulled out all the stops for a big party on Saturday night. The course included the ever popular “fly over” ramp and  ferris wheel set up in the middle of the course to give rides to spectators all weekend long with an arial view of the entire course. As always with this venue, there is a long set of stairs to run lap after lap.

Although not as many Les Femmes could make the trip to Bend this year due to illness or injury, we had a pretty great turnout. Beth Ann was out of town crushing some elite racers with Alice and had to miss the fun and festivities. In the A’s, day 1 included, Kim, Audrey, Remy and Laurie, Beth F in the B’s and myself in the master A’s.


This from Beth F after her race:

It went terrible! I got called up last on Saturday and then as I saw my opening to accelerate to the front, it promptly closed with a crash right in front of me, before we even got off the pavement. Once we all untangled it took a few minutes to realize the reason my tire would not straighten out was because 7 spokes were sliced in half- arg… So that lead to a nice run to the pit then a fight through the beginners to catch back up. The beginners are scary!!!! Guess I made it to some of the Bs since I did not come in last!” 

Beth F rocks the sandy turn like a pro

Beth F rocks the sandy turn like a pro

All of the ladies put in a really hard effort, even fitting in a cross race after working non stop on a new home renovation (Laurie).  Kim cracked the top ten in the A’s, riding strong with Audrey for several laps. Audrey worked her magic, coming in 17th. Remy, showing off her 2012 strength improvement and came in 29th with Laurie right behind her. I had a spectacular day in the master A’s, chasing my two nemesis(nemisi?) lap after lap, but I could not close the gap and finished in 3rd.
Well done ladies, now get some rest for day two and the costume extravaganza.

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