Annual Thanksgiving Shop Ride-11/25/12

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Throngs of spandex clad men and a handful of women streamed into Sellwood Cycle Repair in the early AM hours Sunday morning. The shop is normally closed on Sundays but today is a special occasion. Once a year a shop ride is held for all of the teams sponsored by Sellwood and friends of the shop. Gentle Lovers, Les Femmes, Team S&M, Cthulhu and Lazy Tarantulas represented the kit clad riders that snacked on pastries and donuts while sipping coffee from Les Femmes newest sponsor, Blue Kangaroo Coffee. Some debated the race, I mean, ride plans for the day. Even though this is a casual ride you can’t stop folks from trying to out ride each other. Others lamented that they hadn’t been on their mountain bikes in months. Yeah, me neither.

Suzanne, Mielle, Julie and Audrey

Spilling into the street with ride maps in hand, we mounted cyclocross and mountain bikes for the 8+ mile road ride up to Forest Park. The gray skies were a welcome sight to the heavy rain just days before , and nobody seemed to mind the 37 degree temperatures. We are, after all, a hardy bunch. We didn’t even make it off of the Willamette waterfront when someone crashed. That someone may or may not have been me, and I may or may not have a large lump on my butt and scrapes on my elbow. Runners and walkers on the Esplanade caused some unexpected slowing in our huge pack and I crossed my front wheel with the guy in front of me. As soon as his rear wheel came in contact with my front wheel I hit the ground.  I hopped right back on my bike and off we went. Bruise coming soon I’m sure.  Teammates Deanna , Julie and Audrey ended up with another group and we didn’t see them again until we were back at the shop.

Gettting ready to ride. You too Peter.

Our ride group was split into shorter/easier and longer/climbing. As with most large rides like this, we splintered into sub groups and I found myself riding the steep Holman trail with teammate Kim. Wet leaves covered the muddy ground but the trails were good condition considering the time of year. Fog greeted us at the top and caused more than a few riders to miss their turn from the road section to the trail, only to be chased down and located by other riders. Kim and I joined up with Buy Local Team rider Suzanne Marco, riding her cross bike, a smattering of boys, and Matt Mahoney ( Gentle Lovers,shop mechanic and hubby to our own Christy Love)  accepting the position of impromptu sweeper until we got on more familiar ground. I swear the fog changed the way everything looked.

Do you know which way we go Kim?

Paces changed and conversations came as easily as smiles. On the way down and out of the park on Leif Erikson trail I tried to throw in some friendly race pace attacks but alas, I didn’t have any takers today. All of the different groups of riders met back at the shop by 12:30 PM for a huge pot luck and beer for all. Friends and teammates not on the ride today showed up to hang out and socialize. To show his appreciation for all of his customers, big boss Erik had a raffle and gave away bike parts, accessories, Blue Kangaroo coffee, gift certificates to The Bottle Shop, Sellwood Yoga and C-Velo Cycling studio located upstairs at the shop.

Everyone hung out for hours and stuffed themselves silly on brisket, stews, pastas and piles of sweet treats from the desert table. Tired and well fed, we pointed our ponies towards home for one more bike cleaning. Can’t wait for next year!

Flying down Leif Erikson trail


2 Responses to Annual Thanksgiving Shop Ride-11/25/12

  1. ortonb says:

    Thanks, Mielle! Was really sad to miss this and super stoked to hear the recap! It’s etched on the calendar for next year, that’s for sure.

  2. ortonb says:

    Hi ladies,

    FYI, I’m out of town, but this looks great.

    -Beth Ann

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