No Hills in Hillsboro-Cross Crusade #7

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Second to the last race in the Cross Crusade series and we finally have our rainy, cold day out in Hillsboro, Or at the fair grounds. Average temps didn’t get above 45 degrees and it rained off and on all day. Even though the course was flat, the mud provided enough challenge as it sucked the life out of legs and a few derailleurs throughout the day.

Several Femmes came out to support but not race today due to illness or injury including Beth F, Christy and Audrey, who was kind enough to hang out and take pictures of our filthy, wet faces all day. Beth F still got a workout on her trainer but opted out of the race due to some strain on her previously broken wrist. Racing today we had Kim, Beth Ann, Remy and our Kona pro Alice in the A’s and Margi and I in the master A’s. Julie came out for support and to take the Kona Van/gear and tents back to the shop. Thanks Julie! And special thanks to Christy for going on a coffee run for me before my race. It was so cold today!

Every lap in the A’s race changed with the leaders shifting every time until half way through Alice took over and ran it home for a win. Beth Ann wasn’t far behind coming in 6th and Kim rode strong and stayed in 8th most of the race. Remy brought up the rear of our group, still riding strong and never giving up. Lots of crashing, slipping and falling for everyone. Mud to pavement transitions, mud to gravel, pavement to bark dust, this course had about every dangerous transition accept having us hop a curb.

In the master A’s race, I got the hole shot and led the first lap but not without a fight. An unknown rider challenged me and she was fast. By lap 2 she had moved in front of me and my nemesis(and friend) in the series, Amy Rice/Lazy Tarantulas, was on my wheel. I crashed in the bark dust barn and that is when Amy passed me. I chased them both for the next two laps but couldn’t get close enough with the traffic we were lapping. Amy won and I took 3rd. I couldn’t see Margi’s race but she did say it was a tough one for her today.

Next Sunday is the last Cross Crusade race at Portland International Raceway(PIR) and we Les Femmes have the home field advantage with many of us racing road and short track out there. Nice work to all of our racers today and thank you again to our supportive teammates!


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