Dames Dash at the Dairy-Cross Crusade Race #1

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Cross Crusade has arrived and there is no mud in sight…….

We had 8 girls racing at Alpenrose Dairy today; Mielle, Beth Ann, Kim, Audrey, Margi, Rhonda, Laurie and Alice.  Two ladies are on the bench. Mary Fordham , fully recovered from last years knee surgery, had planned to race her very first cyclocross race ever at Alpenrose. Just days before the race she was clipped by a car during her commute, and broke her collar bone. With any luck she will be all healed up and can catch a late season race.  New member Beth Flanagan was recovering from two wrist injuries and sat this one out but planned to race the following week.

The weather was summery with temperatures in the high 70’s and conditions very dry. In the A’s race, Beth Ann led the race for the first 3 laps, trying to hold off pro Jade Wilcoxson/Optum and Serina Bishop Gordon/Sunnyside Sports. Alice was sitting in with this group, biding her time and planning her attack. The course was very dusty and rocky and the off camber side hill was so dry and difficult to ride that it took many victims throughout the day including Bridgette Brown/River City(see photo).In the final shake up, Alice took 3rd with Beth Ann in 4th. Jade won the day. Kim and Audrey had a top 20 battle in a field of 37 women finishing 16th and 19th. Laurie admitted to not feeling her best today and the heat didn’t help,  calling this race “a dusty bad dream”.  The mud will come eventually.

In the master A’s race, Amy Rice/Lazy Tarantulas and I battled at the front from go but a lap 2 flat tire in the Velodrome left Amy yelling “GO MIELLE, GO!”. And go I did. I was caught in lap 4 by an unknown rider, Sarah Post-Holmberg(former Gentle Lovers racer-took 3 yrs off to have a baby). I sat on her and planned to over take her in the technical section but bumbled my barrier and dropped my chain when I bounced my wheel off of the barrier, giving Sarah a gap with 1 lap to go. I finished in 2nd and Rhonda had moved up finishing 4th. Margi was having a good race but found the ground and did some minor damage to her knee and finished 8th. Margi was still happy to be back racing regardless of the blood and proud hubby Scott was minding little Spencer back at the tent. It was a great start to the season for Les Femmes!

Next race in the series is Rainier.

Photo Credits: Mielle, Victor Duong


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