The Blind Dating Game!-Episode#4

It’s time for another episode of The Blind Dating Game! (cue applause).Your hosts tonight are race promoters, Tony Kic and Joe Field and feature the always enthusiastic OBRA officials! (more applause). Giving the play by play is MC Luciano on the microphone. You know how this game works don’t you boys and girls? All daters will race as fast as they can for 50 minutes, stay within all cones and marked areas and go over all barriers.

Beth Ann (winner week #3) and Mielle pre race

Luciano- our Dating MC

Our returning players with the highest overall points are Amy Rice/Lazy Tarantulas and Mielle Blomberg/ Les Femmes de S&M. A quick recap of last week showed that Amy took 2nd place behind another Les Femme, Beth Ann Orton and Mielle, holding on to 3rd, hit the ground twice (awwwww), giving her reason to consider dropping out when she ran her knee into a large rock. But she is no quitter, and fought her way back in the game, finishing 5th (cheers). The battle for the leaders jersey has been hotly contested but Amy has been sitting in 1st place overall. Tonight should be another epic battle of the beauties (exciting music plays).

Mielle and Amy-Weekly Battles Guaranteed

18 women lined up for another dry October race including teammates Margi Bradway, Kim Matheson, Laurie “hot V” Hotovy . A well-known criterium crusher, Anna Christiansen/Ironclad joined the group,  racing her singlespeed. I classify this type of racer as a “guest star”. They don’t come to race out here very often but when they do, you know you are going to have to work very, very hard.

Margi and Graz (Robert Christensen)

From GO, Amy and I charged the line, bossing any takers off of the front as we rounded the backstop and took on the gravel. Sweeping left in a sandy turn,

The Luminescent Lord lamp (it’s actually Joseph)

Amy is leading as the course veers right and down the dusty path to the lower end of the parking lot. After the U-Turn at the bottom of the hill, I took off and passed Amy, willing to hurt myself in the first lap if need be to open up a gap on the field, taking the newly added, warped side hill very fast. Even though the course had changed slightly, we still had to tackle the twists and punchy climbs in the trees, followed by the dreaded run up. I am soon joined by Lelah O’Shaughnessy/River City, who won her race in the B’s and got her automatic upgrade tonight. Lehah and I went round and round for 2 more laps together. Guys from other categories passing us politely but so many wipeouts. By lap 3 we were joined by this evenings guest star (cue chase scene music). Oh crap. Not sure if I said that out loud or not but I’m sure Lelah thought the same thing. My legs felt great and I had it to go with them. Just stay on Lehah’s wheel, that is the plan. Keep building the gap.

After two laps I couldn’t hang after the run up and let them get a gap on me. Just hold on, just stay consistent and don’t crash! “GO MOMMY!!!” Amy must be close. Her kids always give her location away. Entering the old town area I see her coming in as I am exiting which puts her about 15-20 seconds back.

Bell is ringing for 1 lap to go. Coming into the infield , over the barriers and my Hart family cheering section is going crazy. On the pavement I am out of the saddle and pushing a big gear to keep that gap from Amy. Can’t let her take this away from me when I worked so hard tonight. Boys pass me, then slow in the corners and I pass them back. What the hell guys? Last time at the run up and I head into the Velodrome for my lap on the apron. Up ahead in the dim light I see a blue kit. It’s Lelah running with her bike. Flat tire. Bummer for her (awwwww). SWEET for me (cheers). Sprinting for the exit, I’m up the dirt climb, left at the Luminescent Lord lamp, right turn at the tree, on to the next barriers. “GO MOMMIE!” Amy is still close. Into old town, around the left-hander, I see her entering old town like last time. My gap is too big for her to shut down now. Clean ride through the infield turns, 2 barriers, and I cross the finish, uninjured, for 2nd place behind Anna. Anna finished 1min 15 seconds ahead. Amy came in 3rd, 13 seconds behind me. Lelah ran it home for 5th. Cash prizes to top three ladies tonight(cheers and squeals)!

That’s all the time we have for this episode. Stay tuned next week for more exciting action! (roll credits) This race was performed in front of a live audience at Alpenrose Dairy. (Music fade)

Super Socks from week#3


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