Battlefield Barlow-9/30/12

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Battle at Barlow (Sam Barlow H.S.) in Boring, Or is the big race that starts off the cross season for many racers. Even though racing has been going on for the last month, Barlow is always a favorite for it’s course. Points can be earned for call-ups to the first Cross Crusade race at Alpenrose and it has a little bit of everything a great cross course should like rail road tie run up, wooded trails and pavement sections. The only thing missing right now is mud.

That didn’t stop people from coming out in force to race the dry packed and bumpy course. Remy, Kim, Alice (sporting her Kona sponsored kit) and Audrey slathered on the sun screen to battle it out in the A’s. Audrey used this a training race, to gear up for Alpenrose. Kim fought her nemesis from last year, Jade Koide/Team Beer and won but could not over take Rachel Bagely/Ira Ryan in the end. Alice paced herself lap after lap but was not able to shut down the gap opened by pro roadie Jade Wilcoxson/Optum, finishing with a strong 3rd behind Bridgette Brown/River City. Remy gave it her best but the mountain bike like bumpy course caused quarter sized blisters on both hands and left our little gazelle a little worse for wear in the end.

In the women’s ¬†master B’s, Julie had a great race but unfortunately it started out a little rocky. A girl crashed in front of her for no apparent reason in lap 1 of 4. Julie ran her wheel into the girls back, flipped over the handlebars and landed on her face in the rocky soil of the back garden section. Being the bad ass that she is, she charged on to pull out a 7th place finish, even though she thought her nose might be broken (it was not, but her chin and nose were swollen).

My race turned out to be the best so far this year. Rhonda went off the line with a great start on the gravel but once we hit pavement I took off and didn’t look back. Rhonda was in sight behind me for quite a while with a big smile on her face and a ‘whoop!” for me as I went charging into the trees. I won the day and Rhonda came in 2nd. This was Rhonda’s first cross race since her 2009 (off raising children).

Solid day for the sturdy girls of dirt. Mud is coming soon, right?

Photos by Mielle and Audrey


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