Do You Have PSP? Getting Schooled at Alpenrose


Beth Ann and Margi, just hanging out

“Push, Slide, Push” is what our coaches Matt Mahone and Jeff Struck tell us in our last of 3 cyclocross clinics. Going over the mechanics of remounting your bike efficiently and affectively, the boys demonstrated the proper technique, avoiding stutter steps or flying superman launching onto delicate bits.

Jeff and Matt review the basics

Push the bike forward, slide your right thigh onto the saddle, and push off with the left leg.” Sounds so easy when you put it like that.

Psst.. Rhonda, tell em about Cross Crusade…

Many riders returned for the last cyclocross clinic sponsored by Sellwood Cycle Repair at Alpenrose Dairy on September 12th. Brad Ross made and appearance, coming to tell new racers about his little race series, CROSS CRUSADE, which is currently the biggest cross race series in the country. First race in the series is October 7th at Alpenrose. So boys and girls, enjoy another sunny, warm evening while you attempt to perfect that fast dismount or smack the stutter out of your step.

One newcomer to cyclocross racing told me he used to do freeride and downhill mountain bike racing but a back injury left him searching for a competitive sport with less risk. Risk is in the eye of the racer I guess.

I think Erik is under that beard somewhere

Erik and Rhonda were also in the house, each with their own groups of newbies, assisted by Cary Miller /Gentle Lovers team and Jonathan Meyer/Team S&M. Team S&M’s patron saint of cross,Ron Strausser , was there to offer a kiddie clinic complete with popsicles at the end of the evening (save one for me next time Ron).

Corine and mommy Rhonda

One of the Hart family junior ladies, Susannah, was nice enough to play babysitter to Erik and Rhonda’s little one, Corine, so mommy and daddy could teach us old guys and gals how to get on and off our bikes all night.

Yes Erik, this photo is for the blog

A dance coach told me one time that beginners want to be intermediate very quickly, intermediates want to be advanced, and the pros pay hundreds of dollars and hour to learn the basics. Point well taken. Get the basics and everything else will follow. Not enough can be said about slowing down and taking the little details in when you are trying to improve in a sport.

Erik(far left), Margi, Remy and Beth Ann “walk it out”

Just walking with our bikes and breaking down where the bike should be in relation to the body and the best hand placement on the bars before the remount was very valuable info. We had a few minor scrapes and lay downs in the dry grassy fields that surround Alpenrose Dairy, but for the most part, the things taught were becoming the things learned. Teammates Audrey, Mary, Margi, Beth Ann, Kim , Remy and I all gleaned nuggets of wisdom from our fine, fast coaches.

Audrey with fine form!

Cyclocross racing at Alpenrose starts next week!

Blind Date @ the Dairy races begin Wednesday Sept.19th at 5pm and continue weekly until Wednesday Oct. 24th.

For more info on Cross Crusade


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