Are You Ready for Cyclocross?

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After taking 2011 off to open the new Sellwood Cycle Repair location and have their second child, Corine, Rhonda and Erik Tonkin returned to Alpenrose Dairy to host the annual Sellwood Cyclocross clinics. Wednesday Aug. 29th was the first of three evening clinics geared at new riders. While these clinics were not heavily advertised as they had been in the past, Wednesday drew over 100 riders of all ages and skill levels including a few Les Femmes.

This clinic offered us the chance to warm up with practice on dismounts, remounts, balance and if you were so inclined, a little work running the barriers at the end of class. Groups were split into two adult groups and one children’s group(run by Ron Strausser). “Is there anyone who hasn’t seen a cyclocross race before?” asked coach Rhonda. Several hands went up. It seemed weird to me at first but thinking back when I first started in 2009, I hadn’t seen a race before either. All I knew was it seemed like a sport for boys and it sounded very brutal. One of those myths has been dispelled.

Our benched teammate Mary returned from a long recovery after knee surgery, fully cleared by her doctor to give racing a shot. Kim also came out to get in some practice. We played a different roll when one of the novice women had a nasty tumble (second one of the night) at the barrier, leaving her under her bike but mostly unhurt. Kim assisted the rider back to her car to clean her wounds. When I went to check on the rider, I found her photographing her wounds with her phone. I introduced myself and Tara seemed in good spirits and I have no doubt she will return for more fun with us.

Clinics continue at Alpenrose Dairy Wednesday Sept.5th  and Wednesday Sept.12th 6:30 to 8 PM


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