The Long and the Short of It- PIR Short Track Finale’

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Our PIR Short Track season came to a final dusty conclusion on Monday July 30th, in the heat of our brief Portland summer. The last race in this two month long series comes complete with a “for fun” team relay to end the night before the final awards ceremony.  Racers that normally can’t make it to Monday night races made special acceptions across the board to come out and race for their team in the relay. To qualify for the relay, all racers must also race in their category earlier in the evening. This meant bigger than normal turn out and more fans on the sidelines to cheer and heckle.

Les Femmes did not disappoint in our strength as an outstanding dirt team with Beth Ann winning the final Pro/Cat 1 race, Kim in 6th, Laurie in 11th. Me, Audrey and Margi brought up the rear.  I had a slim chance to get to 3rd overall if I placed 4th or higher in this last race but sadly, this was my worst showing of the whole series and the legs were tired (Mielle4th overall pro/cat 1). Oh well, there is always next year.

We traded off cheering for each other and trying to get in some photos. Singlespeed winner Julie cheered on  the Cat 1/Pro ladies  as well as Christy taking pictures of the entire evening(see “SHORT TRACK ANIMALS post for more photos).

After all of the big racing was done for the night and final podium points were being tallied,  we lined up at 8:15 pm  on the motocross course for the Ultra Short Track Team Relay. The annual Team Relay turned into a benefit for Mat Barton. Mat is a racer (Staccato Gelato) who was paralyzed from the chest down in a crash during a short track race this year (see Ride Big, Give Big post 7/5/12). The relay goes like this- Each team had 10 riders, at least 1 woman or junior per team.  $5 race fee per rider and all of the money went to support Mat’s recovery. 29 teams showed up but only two teams were all women( Les Femmes and Sorella Forte).

GO BETH GO! Can I open my eyes now?

Everyone was competing for the trophy and a case of beer.  Each rider does one ‘hot lap’ on the infield of the motocross course. You must physically tag the next rider in your relay to continue. Where you tag them is up to you. Last rider on your team to cross the finish line determines your placing.

Two other racers volunteered to help complete our team of 10: Sharon Sandoval/Ironclad and Beth Flanagan/Beermongers Cycle Club.

Ultra Short Track Relay Team Roster 2012

Kim Matheson, Lisa Belair, Audrey Brown, Beth Flanagan, Julie Kramer, Margi Bradway, Sharon Sandoval, Mielle Blomberg and Beth Ann Orton.

Les Femmes de S&M-Short Track Rules!

Left to Right: Kim, Julie, Laurie, Beth F, Sharon,Audrey, Beth Ann, Mielle, Margi, Christy, Lisa. 

Our main goal was to beat, you guessed it, Sorella Forte, which we did. We also placed 21st out of 29 teams! That means we beat plenty of boys too. Final podium for the race series put a few Team S&M boys on the red, white and blue boxes but the ladies held their own. Everyone had a great time and some even took home some beer and prizes from the raffle.

Singlespeed 1st place series winner- Julie Kramer

1st Place Julie Kramer-Singlespeed

1st place Beth Ann Orton, Pro/Cat 1 ladies

Pro/Cat 1 1st place series winner – Beth Ann Orton

The benefit for Mat Barton which included raffle tickets and short track T-shirt sales, raised $4315.00 in this last night alone,  and a total of $8629.00 overall since Mat’s accident. You can help out Mat and his wife Jessica by donating at and follow his recovery journal at

For more information on the Portland Short Track series, check out

Special thanks to Victor Duong for his great racing photos!


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