Kim Goes Flat- St Honore’ Crit 6/7/12

Tina Brubaker leads the beginners clinic

Kim decided this year to take on the hill climb criteriums. In the spring she jumped into the Rose Garden Crit on a whim, then had a more structured approach to the long standing Mt Tabor series race on our local dormant volcano.  So when she called me for an opinion on the new(and flat) St Honore’ Criterium located about a block from her home in NW Portland , I told her to go for it.

I arrived early Saturday afternoon (my race was at 7:40 PM) and caught Kim enjoying the last part of the beginners clinic provided for free by Upper Echelon racing. Local pro Tina Brubaker and masters racer Elise Huggins schooled the girls on cornering, lead outs and sprints. The temperatures were in the 80’s for the afternoon races and most of the 8 corner course was in the sun so hydration was another important point.

“Big Kitty” ready for action

21 cat 4/5 ladies lined up just before 3 PM for their 30 minute race. That is a HUGE turn out for local crits in the women’s fields. Chief Ref Rich Rosko laid down the rules to the girls about pit wheels, crashes and free laps, then it was go time. For the first few laps Kim was with the group but Lelah O’Shaughnessy/Trailhead went off the front from go and pretty much scooped up every prime there was to be had. Kim landed in a sweet position behind power climber Stacy Westbrook/unattached, and I kept yelling at her to work with Stacy. Too bad Kim wasn’t completely sure who Stacy was but she stayed with ‘the girl in the black jersey’ for most of the race. The rest of the pack splintered and  the leaders were lapping the slower girls. This race did not pull lapped riders so racers had to safely find their way around slower solo girls. Final lap and Kim was set up perfectly  with Stacy in front of her  to battle it out for 2nd place and Lelah far enough ahead to guarantee a win.  Final sprint after the last corner and Alana Armstrong/Ironclad and  unattached rider Athena Salvador had bridged up just enough to give Kim a new battle. Unfortunately, Kim ran into traffic from the lapped riders in her sprint, but still brought home 5th, just behind Stacy.

Bridging up to the leaders

“I didn’t know what I was doing out there in the first couple of laps, and then it was like, Oh, I get it now”.

 Nice work sister. You can now say you are a crit racer. And August is full of crits.

I think that means she had a good race!


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