Why So Serious? Short Track Casual Night

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Our team kits tell other racers who we are, where we’re from and who we are sponsored by. That can be very serious business in bike racing. But at the Monday night Short Track races at PIR (Portland International Raceway), we have one race out of the series to let our hair down and don some fashionable (or not) duds. Sun dresses? Check. Cut off jeans and grape smuggler shorts for the boys? Sure. The more fun, the better. We lucked out with great weather, sun and temps in the 80’s.

Julie in her “Golf-A-Round” Jumper

Julie found a reason to wear her 1970’s golf jumper, complete with pockets intended for cigarettes as well as extra golf balls. Beth Ann pulled out a pair of grape colored Castelli cycling shorts paired with a matching purple t-shirt. Lisa combined the best of both worlds, wearing her team kit and a bikini over the top. Kim went with the simplicity of her  “Johnny’s Hot Dog” shirt and blue surf shorts.  I pulled out an old denim vest, sewed on a patch(Pedal Damn It) that someone handed me after the Mudslinger race and paired it with my favorite camo shorts. We were one sexy bunch!

As far as the race goes, it was ON! Lisa won her single speed race with Julie coming in 3rd.  Beth Ann got 2nd behind Sue Butler/River City Bikes in the Pro/Cat 1.  Kim moved up the line for 7th and I dragged my tired butt in for 9th. Les Femmes never race  casually. But you already knew that didn’t you.

Mielle says “Pedal Damn It”


2 Responses to Why So Serious? Short Track Casual Night

  1. ortonb says:

    For clarification, my shirt read “Everybody Loves A Cosmo”. True enough. No where near as good as Kim’s hot dog, though.

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