Broken But Never Better- Lisa Rules at XC Nats

Representing for Les Femmes

Lisa Belair has mastered the art of the single speed mountain bike race and is envied by those eating her dust on long mountain climbs, especially when they find out she is 45 yrs old and absolutely fierce. Always modest, she would say she is just a “tired mom”.

Our team is full of tough as nails chicks but Lisa has gone above and beyond this year in the tough department.

On June 10th she crashed on a routine mountain bike training ride and ran her handlebar into her ribs, breaking 3 of them. Accidents happen,  and when they do you have to sit a few races out to heal. Many injured riders still come out to volunteer and support other riders until their injuries heal. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to let big “goal” races go too, even though you have been planning on them for a year.

Feeling Frisky-6hrs of Mt Hood

Lisa had been working up to one of her big races this summer in Colorado, the Leadville 100, but now that race was out. Lisa is not one to sit idly by. She came out to the XC races to help out and stay connected to the community.

Then, just three weeks post crash, she came out and raced 6 hrs of Mt Hood solo and won the race on July 1st.

Lisa and Margi, 6 hrs of Mt Hood poduim

Later that same week she traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho for Mtn Bike Cross-Country Nationals. Facing some serious ladies in the single speed group including Rebecca Rusch/Specialized, 3 x world champion endurance mountain biker and Bend,Or crusher Alice Drobna/Webcyclery. Alice earned 2nd overall in the Cat 1 women for the Oregon XC series and did it on her singles speed.

Lisa had this to say to the team post race:

“I came in 4th. Rusch came in 3rd. She over geared. I undergeared. It was the hardest and weirdest race ever. Elevation is so weird. My blood felt like 7up. The coolest thing, Alice Drobna got 2nd. She is so awesome. GO OREGON. Bam!”

Bam indeed. Congratulations Lisa.

Lisa on the XC Nats Podium

We wish her the best of luck at the High Cascades 100 mile race on July 21st and on her “A” race in September,USAC MTB XC Marathon Nationals, where she will do her first endurance race on her single speed.

Giant SS at XC Nats


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