Battle at Ski Bowl- 6 Hrs of Mt Hood Relay

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With this being a Sellwood Cycle Repair sponsored event and close to home, we had a great turn out. Six hours of mountain bike racing and nine women to lay down some amazing times. The weather was not as we would have hoped for on July 1st, with heavy mist and chilly winds blowing through in the first couple of hours, temps didn’t get above 50 degrees and the moisture in the air made it feel cooler. Some racers left their jackets on for their first laps. I never took my arm warmers off, even when the sky cleared later in the day. Laps were a little over 6 miles with fast descents, single-track climbs and lots of uphill switchbacks to keep the legs working.

For the 2 person womens team relay, Deanna and Mielle raced as team “Love the Rocks” and Jill and Beth Ann raced as “Cash us if you Can” racing to raise money for injured racer Mat Barton(see EVENTS post “Ride Big, Give Big”). Remy and husband Andrew did the co-ed race as Team “Disco Penguin”, complete with Remy doing her warm up in an actual penguin costume. For the solo efforts, Lisa, Laurie, Margi and Julie stayed on the trail all day to get as many laps as they could before the 3:50 pm cut off.

Trail conditions were pretty ideal but the mist and rain had softened some areas more than we expected and some sections were greasy. One big log seemed to cause problems for racers and I witnessed one guy go over the handle bars attempting to get over it. No major injuries reported from any of the ladies but I did have a scary crash on the power line descent. This is a long, fast downhill with baby head rocks. Following the boys in front of me too close with the intent to pass (they weren’t going as fast I as I wanted to go) meant I couldn’t see the line. My fault for being so impatient.  I hit a BIG  rock. Over the handlebars I went and landed on a rock on my boob. Another female racer witnessed the crash from up the hill and she said it scared the crap out of her. My bike was fine and my ribs were fine, just left some skin on the inside of my jersey and bruising was sure to follow.

“Love the Rocks” too much

Yes, I lived up to our team Love the Rocks name. Speaking of ribs,  Lisa was racing with broken ribs today (3 broken several weeks ago during a training ride) and I immediately thought of her when I hit the ground.

Before I get to the overall results and fundraising efforts, here is a look at Les Femmes through the eyes of a couple male racers.

Somewhere on Post Canyon trail, July 4th, 2012.

“We were re-grouping at the top of the trail when a group of guys rode by. One guy stopped, looked at me (Margi)”.
 Dude You ride for Team S&M?
Margi:  Yes.
DudeYou guys are MONSTERS!!!!
Margi:  Uh…thanks.
Dude I did the 6-Hours of Mt. Hood this weekend and the S&M folks were passing me all day long.
Margi:  Yeah, I was out there. We have some pretty fast dudes on our team.
DudeI was talking about your WOMEN!
And this Facebook post sent to Mielle:
“One of your ladies helped me out, a small Blonde woman(Deanna). I was riding Lap 6 or 7 when she passed me, I caught up to her and asked if I could ride with her. (I think I said “Can I chase you?) She lead me from Ski Bowl East to the entrance of the Power Lines. Thank You! Just riding with her helped a lot! ” James Jonke-Oregon Bike Shop
   Everyone rode really well and had their own goals set for themselves. For Julie, this was her first solo effort at this race and she mentioned it was a learning experience where the food and water intake was concerned and Margi mentioned some similar challenges with getting the right amount of calories.  The power of the bonk can be on top of you before you realize you are bonking. Margi and Laurie spent the day chasing Lisa around the mountain. Deanna and I knew we would not catch the power duo of Beth Ann and Jill so we did our best to beat Jan and Sarah from Sorella Forte to bring home 3rd. Remi and Andrew had a great day in the co-ed race finishing 8th of 16 pairs. Laurie and Julie finished top 10 in the solo women.
For the solo group, Lisa won the race and Margi took 3rd, both with 8 laps. In the 2 person women, Jill and Beth Ann won(10 laps and raised over $1200 for Mat Barton) and Deanna and I took 3rd(9 laps).  Thanks for doing that one extra lap Deanna! New girls have to pay their dues and you paid yours for sure.

6 hrs of Success!


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