June Racing Ramps Up

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June has been a busy month!
Beth Ann drove all the way to Merlin, Oregon(5 hour drive) to do Return on the Jedi and took 3rd in the pro group on June 3rd. I think her words were “man that was long drive”. But that race is well worth the drive. Beautiful single track, amazing views and a well run race.
Our very own Margi WON the Oregon Stampede.12 hours of riding, 127 miles,  and lost her shifter close to the end and couldn’t shift. She earned herself her very own engraved spurs! Nice work Margi.
I did the Hammer Velo Criterium on June 2nd and raced  Senior Women and single speed the same weekend (on my cyclocross bike). Happy I saved some money in gas and raced really well and this Swan Island venue. I got my races paid for by volunteering to lead out the kiddie race. Check out the photo of this kid putting his arms up at the line when he won.
Short Track started this month out at Portland International Raceway, known to locals as PIR. We enjoy road racing and short track at this venue, taking advantage of the motocross course and surrounding wooded areas.
Congrats to Julie on her 1st place standing in the singlespeed short track series so far.  Beth Ann took 2nd week 1 but was recovering from her illness week 2. That left me, Margi and Laurie to run the show in the Cat 1’s. We had 18 women in our race on June 11th which is a huge turn out. Beth Ann, Julie and I went another round on the 18th with Beth Ann winning the cat 1’s. I seem to be sitting in the land of 7th each week.  Julie and I were racing on tired legs and the same girl beat BOTH of us on a singlespeed in two different races. We are planning our revenge for next week!
Erin earned her recovery time after an excellent showing in the Mt Hood Cycling Classic the weekend of June 9th. Nice photos of the time trial portion came from Oregon Cycling Action/Pat Malach.
Margi and I tromped through the mud at the Washougal 3/6 hr race Saturday June 9th in the rain. I took 2nd in the 3 hr and Margi got 3rd in the 6hr. That race was tough on both body and bike. My bike stopped shifting just before I finished. Margi’s bike held out until the end of her day too. Thanks to Erik for the quick fix so I could race short track.
The weather has been pretty great for the Wednesday night Mt. Tabor series.  June 13th it was sunny up at Mt Tabor and our Femmes did not disappoint. Laurie, Remy and Kim signed up to give it another go in the cat 4’s.  All 3 said they did better than last time and Remy was so thrilled to have stayed in the pack for the entire race that she was simply beaming afterwards. Beth Ann and I were resting up for the 50 mile Test of Endurance Race on Saturday June 16th so we got to cheer the girls on.
And last but not least. The big T.O.E. Laurie, Remy and I went out to Blodgett, OR for the 50 mile Test of Endurance race. Beth Ann was still feeling under the weather so she didn’t join us. Trail conditions were AMAZING! Remy beat her time from last year and earned 3rd place for the Cat 2 U 35. Laurie and I caught the view from the back of a very fast field in the Cat 1’s, finishing 9th and 10. The winner of the Cat 1 women -Melissa Norland-Kona Factory Team, finished in 5 hrs and 3 min. Hot Damn that’s fast!
Thank you to Pat Malach, Shane Young, Ian Mastenbrook, Dave Roth and Victor Duong for use of the photos.

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