Orange Sleeves Light Up Tabor Season Opener

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Warm sunny skies over Portland brought lots of racers out to the season opener of the Mt. Tabor circuit race series. Knowing this race is tough for even seasoned racers, our team showed up in full force.  Remy, Kim and Beth Ann were ready to tackle their very first Tabor. This was also Beth Ann and Remy’s very first road race.  Joining the cat 4 crew was Laurie (trading her Blue Flame for and Orange Flame today). Laurie raced Tabor about 4 years ago but decided to come out and play with her team and give it another go. Margi and Erin jumped into the Senior women and I decided to race 40+ since my legs were not feeling up to 8 laps with pro Sue Butler.

I speak from experience when I say that Tabor is a learning experience and getting to understand the race tactics takes some time. Everyone had a great workout and learned something about pack racing. Since I volunteered to get my race paid for, I got to enjoy watching our own Erik Tonkin  race hard and fast in the Sr Men.

Erin took home 3rd in the Senior women and I took 2nd in the 40+.


One Response to Orange Sleeves Light Up Tabor Season Opener

  1. solana Kline says:

    Hello! I raced with a few of you ladies at the bear springs trap stxc this year and I live in Bend. I thought one of you said you also live here??? Im looking for some fast women to train with here:) Thank you! Solana Kline 208-479-4777,

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