Round Up At The Les Femmes Corral

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The Les Femmes posse rounded up a solid crew to head out to Sisters Oregon for a knobby tire stampede. Our new cowgirl Deanna donned her new team duds for the first time and joined the wild women of the cat 2’s. Remy brought her new Kona pony for her first race of the year and proved she was faster than ever. Lisa likes her steeds with one speed and Julie whooped it up with the  cat 2 35+ gang. Our senior ranch hands Mielle and Kim were galloping in the cat 1’s and trail boss Beth Ann ruled the road in the pro group.

The sun was a welcome sight on Sunday when we lined up for our 27 mile adventure behind a real life cowboy and his very real horse, leading out the pro/cat 1 groups. Our course was a very fast blend of dusty dual track, tamped down by the previous day’s rain storm, lava rock laden single track climbs, and dry, sweeping descents. Much of the course had plenty of room for passing, due to many complaints last year that there were not enough places to pass slower riders. Wide open roads left little shelter from the stalking eyes of your pursuer. Parts of the tight trails were crowded by heavy brush, making the coming turns hard to see.

Fastest times of the day came in the range of 1 hour and 27 minutes for the men. That is one very fast cowboy. Our ladies did just fine in that department with average times under 2 hrs. Even though a couple of our cowgirls got banged up, we had a rip roarin’ good time and even brought home a few podiums.

Congratulations to Beth Ann for 3rd in the pro group, Lisa took 1st in the single speed steeds, and Remy lassoed 3rd place in the cat 2 buckaroos. Yehaaaaa!

Click here for Beth Ann’s race report!


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