Angi Weston skills clinic a success!

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Kona pro Angi Weston came down from Bellingham, Wa to drop her mad skills on the team Sunday. Our fledgling Les Femmes team hosted Angi last year and it was such a huge success that we wanted to bring her back again. With Jill playing host in the heart of trail central out in White Salmon, Wa, Margi, Beth Ann, Kim, Laurie and I joined Jill and Angi for an adventurous and sunny day.

Morning session was spent working on skills in the park by Jill’s house. Manuals, front wheel lifts and “bike body” separation were just a few of the things we worked on. Leaning the bike correctly in turns and launching off of tree stumps were also part of the drills, with Angi providing specific corrections as needed on our form and excellent demonstrations.

In the afternoon we loaded up the bikes on the cars for a quick drive over to Syncline to put our new skills to work. Last year the weather was cold with the rain coming and going, so it was such a treat to have clear blue skies and temps in the 50’s. After a long climb up the rocky double track trails, we gathered at the top for more demonstrations followed by, “Ok, now you try it”. The rock drops and descents on “little moab” are more technical than anything I’ve tackled in most races at his point but I had great faith in our coach. We all gave each of the sections a shot, even if we bailed a few times before the actually successful run. Jill rules the roost in these parts so she was happy to give demonstrations and suggestions as well.

We all had our  “uh, not today” moment or that feeling of something being a little beyond our current skill level to ride a certain section. No shame in walking and sometimes it’s faster. Everybody crashes in mountain biking and thank goodness today our crashes were just more badges of honor to hang on our  seat bag of awesome.

Thanks again to Angi for the mad skillz, Jill for hosting the wild bunch and Erik for helping make this happen. Let’s do it again soon!


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